Last Amerikan Junk Show of the Year!

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~Dean Junk


  1. your band name says it all…junk……good riddance…heard you live and you guys suck ass……congarts on the 20 people who showed at your last show……you’re always have creative control because you’ll always be a do nothing junk band…….

  2. I’m laughing as I type this because I bet this comment comes from somebody who doesn’t play music at all besides guitar hero or rock band. In fact I bet you’ve never tried to do anything in life for more than 2 minutes. Junk has been in the music scene for over 10 years. You’re obviously a coward since you didn’t post a name and nobody here cares what you think.
    amerikan junk is one of the best punk bands in minnesota, what have you got to offer?

  3. Hey Who Cares, ( |
    If all you have are negative comments, why did you waste your time coming to our website? Moron. Did I mention that your comment means nothing to me since you have included typos and obvious grammatical errors? You must be young and naive. Yeah. Example A: This is how you spell congrats not, “congarts” Example B:”You’re always have creative control…” Do I even have to say anything?
    Ever heard of proof reading? Ha ha ha, nice try.

    P.S. That really is your IP address, nice one.

  4. I second who cares. i have seen your you tube videos and i have never seen a bigger pile of space. Dean thinks he is god’s gift to the music business yet all he is a “yes” man at a catalog company and a blogger and a bad one at that. And if Junk is such a force in the punk scene, why arent they bigger. Or since they formed 10 years ago they have gone thru 4 different bass players? Thoughts to ponder….

  5. Now I’m laughing. Not only because JS and Who Cares are the same lonely person with the same IP address but also because you think you have all this inside scoop on me. Wow, you got public information from my youtube page…brilliant. Why don’t you just go back to hiding in your precious Office of Enterprise Technology job(not sure how you could be out changing lives at a job like that) and quit trying to bother me. If you’re so bored, why don’t you take up guitar, not guitar hero like joseph suggests. From the sound of it I think you’re jealous. Thanks for the comments though, you’re increasing the traffic to our site for us.

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