Fun!…to all who showed up for our last show of the year, we really appreciate it. It was a great show! We played 3 new tunes along with a bunch of junk classics. Conrad notified everybody in the audience that he would likely make a fool of himself before we played Bikeage and he succeeded by falling over my drum set and ultimately kicking his own ass.

Junk sticker in the toilet.The crowd was the best one we’ve seen lately with some awesome interaction between us and the audience, in fact, I think I heard somebody say, “you guys are fat!” Ain’t that the truth. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that came out and helped support us this year, without you guys coming to the shows, we couldn’t keep doing it, Thank You! During our hiatus we’ll be writing and perfecting a bunch of new tunes that will be going on the upcoming record so we are very excited. Check back to for more updates. See you in the streets!

-Mean Dean

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