Jeremy and Jana Beard are officially parents!

At 11:50 am, May 10 2008 Ali Ann Beard came into the world without making even a peep out of discomfort. I would have to say that is a sign meaning she is in good hands and she knew it. God bless the Beards and happy Birthday Ali!

Look how cute!

Ali Ann Beard

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  1. What cute eyes! Congratulations you guys! We strapped a rocking turtle to Conrad’s hood Sunday night bound for the new baby’s nursery. If you guys don’t care for it you can pass it on to Deaner and Angie for their spawn-to-be and if THEY don’t like it we will just have to wait for Brent or Conrad to father a child . . .

  2. Brent fathering a child? That’ll be the day. Brent is afraid of children.

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