Amerikan Junk is working on a record!

Ok, so we’ve gotten this new and fancy website yeeeeehaw!  We’re excited about it too.  But…We’re working on writing new and interesting punk rock to be featured on our upcoming full length album.  It’s about time huh? Yeah, I know, Amerikan Junk has been in the circuit for like 10 years now and we still haven’t released a legitimate full length album, well that my friends will soon change and we think it will be our best material yet. In the process of recording the full length, we’re also considering re-recording and actually publicly releasing our previous works. Good idea? Tell us your thoughts. We love to hear from yalls!  I mean if it weren’t for you guys coming to the shows and keeping us pumped, we would have no reason to keep rockin’ the way we do.  I mean, we could’ve just joined cover bands, sold out and gotten way fatter and less punk.  Whadya think?

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